Friday, August 19, 2005

Scientology Counseling Group: Counseling that Works

People looking for a Scientology auditor (the term used for Scientology spiritual counselor) in Montrose California are in luck. There is an auditor. They specialize in personal and marriage counseling, and in helping people solve their problems.

Scientology counseling is quite a wonderful experience. What is most amazing, to my way of thinking, is that things which have bothered you, or areas where you really knew you needed more ability but seemed to be blocked in acheiving it, suddenly resolve or improve.

And what is incredible is that really anyone can train at a Scientology church to become an auditor.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Some Interesting Blogs

Some blog reviews:

Sci Fi Reviews and More - This looked like it was going to take off and the review he posted about Conquerers' Trilogy was pretty interesting, but not much more action in the past year.

Issues and Ideas Tends to concentrate on Scientology issues like the Scientology Volunteer Ministers and descriptions of some of the Scientology beliefs.

Check out this cool photo of Michael Phelps on this blog.

Big Happy Family Blog Happily raising and homeschooling 6 kids? She MUST have something going for her!

My Garden Home All about England and Scientology in England. I've been to St. Hill in England -- what an absolutely beautiful place! Magical!

On Art and Living I enjoy reading her posts. Wish she would do so more often.

Alpen Fun Interesting bi-lingual blog (English/German)

No Drugs This looks Swedish to me. Maybe it's Norwegian. I have trouble telling the difference. I do like the message, though. I feel very strongly about drugs. I had a drug problem and I think kids and youth should be told the facts about drugs and how they will affect them later on. If I'd had any idea what drugs would have done to me I'd never have taken them.