Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scientology Newsroom

There's a new site— the Scientology Newsroom. Very clean, easy to navigate and full of interesting information.

Excellent, not just for media, but for bloggers and anyone wanting to find out about Scientology.

There's information on new Scientology churches, David Miscavige, what is happening with Dianetics... just about anything you want to know.

Official Scientology News:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Freedom Magazine Exposes Anderson Cooper Lies

If you want a really good laugh at Anderson Cooper's expense I recommend a read through Freedom magazine. In 90-or-so pages the magazine leaves you wondering how anyone Cooper's journalistic irresponsibility can remain on the air. It sure isn't for his ratings.

I labored through his 5-part Scientology series in April and found it tedious, boring, insincere, trite. But then the rest of the show wasn't much better. So I concluded it wasn't only that he is running a hidden agenda against Scientology, although clearly he is. It's also that he's just a very bad journalist.

Since I never watch him I had a misconception that he was Mr. It of CNN. If that's so, CNN had better examine how it serves the public. That is, after all, it's job.

Official Scientology News: